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OUR STORY:  Falling in love with gingerbread!

     I have a fun story to tell about how the "Gingerbread Cottage" got started. I had the opportunity to live in Germany with my family while my father served in the military at Rhien Main Air Force Base.  We lived  in a little town called  Buchschlag in a quaint cottage home about fifteen minutes outside the base. There was a train station about four blocks in one direction and small shops in the other.   I was twelve at the time and the oldest of six.    
      My siblings and I  descovered the bakery up the street and loved walking there to see the sweet treats in the window.  We were delighted at the beautiful pasteries, cookies, gingerbread houses and candies, especially  at Christmas time. 
     My mom fell in love with the German tradition of Gingerbread Houses.  So every Christmas, she gathered our family together to make  gingerbread houses and wonderful family memories.  We learned to make them from scratch.  Our mother wouldn't let us eat our creations until  New Year's Day, then it was devoured.
     After I  married and started my  family, I carried on my own gingerbread traditions of making houses and cookies at Christmas time.   We took them  to friends and a local nursing home in the area.  I took  great delight in seeing the recipiant's  face  light up as they received our cookie gifts.
    After several years of making them for my family and  friends, and selling them at local festivales, several friends suggested  that I  start a business.  Thus, "The Gingerbread Cottage" was born.  
      Gingerbread is too delicious to be just a "Christmas" cookie. It's yummy year round. I hope you will enjoy my cookie creations as much as I do and let us creat a special cookie gift just for you to make your family, friends or employees feel special and appreciated.  
Happy nibbling!
The Gingerbread Cottage
P.S.  Just so you know, we also make sugar and chocolate cookies too.



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Hand-Decorated Gourmet Cookies  

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