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Looking for something fun to do with family?  Our gingerbread cookie, loaf & house mix is easy and no chill.  It's a double batch so get ready for lots of cookies.  Perfect for making family traditions and fun.  Order yours today!

Try our gingerbread loaf!  It's delicious.  Receipe follows:

Gingerbread Loaf:  (Follow directions on the box of mix, but add two eggs and use only HALF the mix)

Cream:  3/4 C butter (1 & 1/2 stick)

                 3/4 C Molasses

                 1/2 C Water

                 1  Tea Vanilla

Add:        2  beaten Eggs

Add:         1/2 of Mix

Cream all ingredients (It will look a little chunky .  Pour 3/4's way up loaf pan (grease and flour well).  Receipe makes approx. 2 to 3 loafs in one batch.

Cook for 46 minutes or until done



Gingerbread Mix

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